HANS Posts, HANS and FHR Devices

What are Hans Posts, HANS and FHR devices

  1. A FHR is a Frontal Head Restraint: it’s the general term for what is often called a HANS device.
  2. HANS is actually a trademarked name – an acronym for Head and Neck Support – that only certain manufacturers can use. It’s the most common term for these devices.
  3. HANS Posts – these are the posts/screws that attach to your helmet, through something called the m6 terminal, to enable the Device to be safely attached.

What does a HANS device do?

The HANS and FHR devices are designed to restrain a driver’s head – compared to the body – during a front and angled-front racing crash. Due to the restriction of the head, the impact on the neck is greatly reduced, thus reducing the risk of injury.

All the Zamp helmets listed here come with the pre-drilled M6 terminal. So if you need to run a HANS device you are set up to do so; it only takes a couple of minutes to fit your HANS posts. You can purchase a set of HANS post here.

silver hans posts

Every adult helmet in the Zamp range is compatible with HANS Posts, each helmet is pre-drilled with the M6 terminal allowing the easy fitment of the HANS Posts.

For more information on HANS/FHR Devices and who needs them please follow this link or contact a member of our team to find out more about HANS, how to install them.


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