A Guide To Customising Your Helmet

We absolutely love to see how our customers make their Zamp Helmets their own through a wide range of helmet customisation techniques. While we offer some of the most eye-catching graphic helmets on the market, it’s still essential to a lot of our drivers that they add their own personal flare to their lid.

Types of helmet customisation


One of the most common ways to customise and personalise a helmet is painting. Some artists will airbrush designs onto your helmet while others will opt for acrylic hand-painting: either way, the possibilities when having your helmet painted are endless. Your painted helmet could cost you upwards of £500 for a basic paint job. This price will increase depending on the complexities of your design and the products/techniques needed to achieve your final design. It’s also important to ensure your helmet can withstand being painted as some paints can affect the materials that make up your outer shell: be sure to check with your manufacturer beforehand.


Wrapping a helmet is generally considered to be a cheaper option than helmet painting. However, the skill needed to wrap a helmet is incredible, and therefore this does not come cheaply either. Wrapped helmets tend to last between 3-5 years depending on the quality of the wrap, the treatment of your helmet & how often it is used, and could set you back upwards of £300.


One of the most cost-effective way to personalise or customise your helmet is with vinyl or adhesive graphics. These adhesive “stickers” can be designed and printed fairly affordably online or in most printing shops. This is a great option if you’re looking to add personalisation to a graphic helmet, or if you’re wanting to jazz up your black or white helmet with your own design.


It’s no secret that we love an accessory here at #TeamZamp. Whether it’s a Prism Visor, Anodised Visor Screws or coloured HANS Posts adding a pop of colour, our extensive range of colourful accessories give our customers the option to create a helmet they love, that truly stands out on the track without breaking the bank.