An Interview with Rick Den Hartog

We don’t just have awesome drivers here on #TeamZamp, we also have an extensive network of partners too. One of our longest standing partnerships is with Rick Den Hartog, owner of Den Hartog Racing. We recently caught up with Rick to talk all things motorsport, karting and to find out a little more about his own journey into the sport.


Q: How did you get into motorsport? What first attracted you?

A: I got into karting because I’ve been watching Formula 1 all my life and wanted to race myself. Then karting was the first step!

Q: Would you say you faced any particular barriers or issues when coming into the sport?

A: Yes, that for sure. The budget is especially difficult in this sport.

Q: What advice would you give to a young person trying to enter/progress in karting?

A: Start with rental karts. Then you don’t have to buy a lot of expensive stuff and you can get acquainted with the sport. You can also measure yourself very well against others because you drive with equal equipment.

Q: What are your future plans/goals within motorsport?

A: My goal is to make karting accessible to every child. We do this by offering affordable karting lessons throughout the country. We use rental karts and children can borrow all materials at no extra cost. We hope to offer all children a place in the kart sport in the future.

Q: What are you most excited about when it comes to the future of motorsport (either for yourself or for the sport in general)?

A: That it is increasing due to the popularity of the sport. Not only will many more people practice karting as a sport, there will also be more kart tracks and competitions. That is very good for any driver!

Q: What is your favourite thing about Zamp Helmets?

A: I think it’s really cool that Zamp has such an extensive range of helmets. Compared to other brands, you can buy a complete helmet here at a good price. I also think it’s a nice detail that there are so many different colours of visors for sale. That makes the helmet!

You can find out more about Den Hartog Racing & keep up with all of their events and experiences over on Instagram.

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