Disability Within Motorsport

Between the development of world-leading technology for drivers with a disability, and the forming of disabled-only teams, there’s no denying that motorsport is leading the way in becoming a truly inclusive sport. 

We recently spoke with Zamp Ambassador & Team BRIT racer Andy Tucker, who himself has battled with re-joining the racing community after life-changing physical injuries as well as mental health struggles. When asked whether he felt there was enough representation within the motorsport world, he said “I don’t think there’s enough representation, but that’s changing slowly and surely.” He also feels that “there’s many unsung disabled racers that deserve more spotlight than they get”.

At Zamp Helmets, we’re delighted to have a totally diverse group of Ambassadors, Andy himself included within that, and we believe in having fair representation throughout everything we do. We also hope that this is something that can be passed down and taken up within the younger generations of racers that we are seeing rising through the ranks. Andy’s advice to younger racers was “”Believe and achieve. You have no idea how inspirational you will be to others like you in future, be proud of who you are and never let your disability stop you from achieving what you want to achieve in life.”

Billy Monger joins the Extreme E electric off-road racing seriesOne of the most notable stories within this space is, of course, Billy “Whizz” Monger, who’s life changed forever on 16th April 2017. Left with life-changing injuries after a 12omph crash, Billy & his drive and passion for motorsport brought him back in March 2018 in his own modified car from Carlin. Billy went on to place an incredible third place in his comeback race & walked onto the podium to claim his place. A true inspiration to all.

With a real sense of comradery coming from the racers themselves, as well as changes & inclusions in formal bodies including FIA’s Disability & Accessibilities (DAA) Commission, we’re delighted & excited to see what more is to come for the disabled racing community.


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