Why are some helmets more expensive than others?

There are several factors that can make some motorsport helmets more expensive than others.

Here are some of the most common reasons:

Safety certifications

Helmets that meet higher safety certifications, such as SNELL or FIA, are generally more expensive because they undergo more rigorous testing and require more advanced materials in order to meet the higher safety standards.


The materials used to make the helmet can significantly impact the price. High-end helmets often use lightweight and durable materials such as carbon fibre and Kevlar, whereas the more affordable end of the market will likely be made from composite fibres which also tend to be slightly heavier.


Helmets with additional features such as aerodynamic designs, ventilation systems, an extensive range of compatible accessories and customisable options, are often more expensive. Another key difference can also be the internal liner which can varying in its fitment and material quality.


Typically most helmets are available in simple white or black design. Helmets that are pre-painted with designs will also impact the price of a helmet with added time and craftsmanship required in the production.

Aftermarket Customisation

Helmets that are custom-designed or personalised are more expensive than off-the-shelf models because of the additional time and effort required to create them. Some drivers opt to have a customised design painted onto their helmet, the additional cost of employing a designer and a helmet painter can massively increase the cost of a helmet.

The cost of a motorsport helmet is affected by several factors, including safety certifications, materials used, brand reputation, features, and customization. While a high price doesn’t always guarantee quality, it is essential to invest in a helmet that meets your needs and provides the best protection for your head.