What Is Our Most Popular Helmet?

It’s a given that we believe in every single one of our products. That being said, it’s clear to see that you guys have clear favourites when it comes to Zamp Helmets. 

Our most popular helmet: RZ 42 Youth Orange/Blue

The Zamp RZ-42Y CMR Youth Racing Helmet is the ultimate Karting helmet with CMR2016. Designed for junior racers in karting that require the standard CMR homologation and boasting the most up to date features, the RZ-42Y is smaller and lighter but still filled with all the tops specs and features as the adult helmet. This affordable and stylish helmet is the best in class, perfect for any young karter (accounting for 13% of all helmet sales).

Our most popular accessory: Z-20 Visor

A staggering 68% of customers buying a Zamp Helmet will also purchase one of our Z-20 Visors (the most popular being Prism Red). The Zamp Z-20 series shields are designed to fit all Zamp RZ Series helmets. The Zamp Z-20 shields are 3mm thick with tear-off posts and also come with an anti-fog coating. Available in 9 different colours, along with a handy step-by-step guide on how to fit & replace your visor, the Z-20 is an essential accessory for any Zamp Helmet.

Some other fun facts: