NEW SA2020 Range!

Does Your Helmet Have SA2010?

SNELL introduces new helmet ratings every five years. From October 1st, 2020 the new range of SA2020 helmets will be allowed to be sold. Included in this will be the excellent new range of Zamp SNELL 2020 helmets. But crucially as new helmets arrive to the market many sanctioning bodies will begin to phase out the use of the older SA2010 (see picture above) helmets. As a result we highly recommend getting your new SA2020 helmet on order sooner rather than later to avoid possible delays.

Want to know more about Homologation, see here.

What Can We Expect From The New Zamp SA2020 Range?

We could not be more excited to showcase the new Zamp SA2020 range with, the new range is packed with innovative and exciting more additions. The new range will include a stunning new thick weave Carbon helmet (RZ 65D) that promises to be one of the most attractive helmets ever released in motorsport; the helmet whilst incredibly lightweight will also be jam packed full of great features. It will also be available in a Grey/White colour variation that looks like nothing you have ever seen before!

Many of the favourite models in the Zamp range will continue in a new iteration. The RZ 42 / RZ 58 / RZ 16H will all be replaced by newer fresher models that boast great improvements and attractive new graphics. The New models will be named the RZ 62 / RZ 59 / RZ 18H.

Snell will not allow manufacturers to advertise or sell their SA2020 approved helmets until October 1, 2020.



How long will an SA2015 helmet be valid?

The SA2015 standard will still be valid with most racing organisations. Snell recommends that SA15-approved helmets in good condition should still be accepted (at least until the end of their recommended 5-year lifespan).

Unfortunately, most racing organisations have not announced their changeover plans yet, so it is impossible to give a solid answer. Right now, we can only point to history and precedent.

Even the best materials degrade over time, and the high-performance, lightweight materials in your helmet are no exception. Sunlight, ozone, perspiration, and even everyday bumps and knocks all take their toll on the shell and the inner liner. Snell recommends helmet replacement after 5 years of use, or immediately after any incident. Remember, the consequences of auto racing incidents can be violent and permanent. Only use safety equipment that is in top condition. When in doubt, replace it.

Note that every racing organisation is different.  Please check your rulebook.



How is the Snell SA2020 standard different from the SA2015 standard?

SA2020 is very much an incremental change from SA2015. The primary aim was to bring the impact testing even more in line with FIA 8859-2015 requirements. All criteria will now be the same as or more stringent than FIA requirements. Note that Snell SA2020 certification does not automatically grant FIA homologation!A helmet which passes Snell SA2020 tests will theoretically pass FIA tests, but the helmet manufacturer must submit the helmet to the FIA in order to receive FIA homologation.